Control Your Pets!

Don’t you just hate when a pet bothers you and the owner has no decency to stop it? I now I do, because when I am walking down the street, I don’t want an animal coming out of nowhere and attacking me by barking and biting me for no apparent reason. Hey, I’m an animal lover, but seriously, this has madness has to stop. It’s one thing for an animal just to pounce on me, but its another thing when the owner just stands there and stares like he did not do anything wrong.

One time I was walking down the street and I stepped in a lump of dog dung on the floor. The one thing that really grinded my gears was that the owner did nothing to help me, not even a simple sorry. Also when I tried to shoot the owner a dirty look, they acted like they didn’t do anything wrong and looked away. I know if it were my dog, I would at least say sorry and try to help them even if inside I wanted to laugh. That shows a little decency I have. Do you really enjoy stepping in a pile of brown mush; I know I don’t, so this must stop.

For all you pet owners out there, it is time for you to go to the pet store and buy a doggie bag to clean up your dog’s leftovers. We are tired of you saying:
“Sorry about that.”
“ Whoops my bad.”
“ Ohh, you can clean it up.”
No more will us people just sit there to step in your dog’s doo and sit around and let you to continue this unsanitary habit. From now on we will speak up and let you know this disgusting mess you are leaving should stop now. Its time for a line to be drawn, just clean it up when you are done.

external image no_dog_peeing_4x4.jpg