Smoky Mountains By Mukund Manikantan

A thick and dense fog rolled in as the humid air surrounded the family on Smoky Mountains and stopped them from seeing anything. in the distance they heard water from a creek, flowing over the rapids. "Dad, why dont we camp hear till the fog clears up?" Mukund questioned with shover down his spine. "Sure! I was just going to say that!" his dad replied nervously. Soon Mukund's mom, dad and sister were setting up camp during the evening hours through the harsh conditions. As the tempratures kept rising my family and i got bombarded often with huge swarms of mosquitoes. thriving for blood as they land on our skin and stabbing us with points sharper that needles. "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Get of me you blood sucking creatures!" his sister squelled. Their mom got the bug spray out again and gave everyone a nother thick coat, killing the mosquitoes instantly. 'That's what you get! Dont ever do that again!" said his mom. Once they set up camp they began to hear small animals on the mountain side squelling and whispering to themselves in unique sounds.

The heat giving sun finally backed away as the moon and the night invaded its territiory. Soon after hours of
resting, the fog gave as they decided to start their long journey down the mountain. a few hours into their decent they stumbled across a huge waterfall. spilling tons of gallons of fresh, and crystal clear water.
A rumbling sound filled the air as each drop of water came down. sudden splashes of water hurtled their way as they dodged most like dodge balls. however other squirts soakedf them with freezing cold water. once they crossed the waterfall they came to what seemed like the opening of a cave. they decided to walk in, with fear intensifying with each step and the sound of blood sucking bats. suddenly the sound of falling rocks, filled their ears, blocking the opening. the family darted for their lifes finding their way out of the blocked rock. they panted once they got out of the cave, "lets just hike down and not get into any more situations!" Mukund screamed.

He and his sister led the way down the mountain with their parents close behind. they had been hiking non-stop for about 1/2 day as the sun came back up, regaining control of the sky.Just as the were about to lose hope a park ranger came and said "Where were you guys? we've been looking for you since the fog rolled in!" "Well that doesnt matter now, atleast you found us" Mukund's dad replied. "Our pleasure!" After being rescued they were treeated to a warm and comfy hotel room with lots of food to fill their void bellies. After their shock levels receded the left back home for New Jersey. However on their way back their plane broke down, crashing into the Atlantic Ocean as blood thriving sharks circiled.