How many people have to disposea their inner waste in public?

Back when I lived in NYC, it wasn't the cleanest town you've ever seen. There were gum spitters and litterers, but what really grinds my gears are people who dispose their waste in public. This can range from nose pickers, to the people who gas out the city. (You know who you are). Even a pregnant women giving birth on a city bus. (Anything is possible in New York City).

I'm not saying it should'nt be allowed, but will it kill them to use a tissue or do it somewhere private, (which means not in front of peoples' faces). I bet we've all experienced times of discuss as people with no shame "do what they need to do". One time as I walked on the the streets of Brooklyn along with many bystander, I caught sight of a man doing what should have been done privately. The carefree man snarfed up what to be mucus and spat the greenish-reddish snot on to the ground. He wasn't done. The man also "let one go", leaving many adjacent, innocent people coughing for fresh air from the inhale of what smelled like sour onions dipped into a sespool. This i what bathrooms are for people! There is a vice-versa crisis on the loose where people dispose their waste publicly instead of privately. We must take action before our public bathrooms are cleaner than the city streets. (Not saying that it isn't already). It won't take long until this chain reaction of low-class behavior spreads across this once sanitary nation. It doesn't take much to change this bad habit for the better. It also cannot be too much to ask for not having someone's butt face me as they blow me across the city with whatever waste happens to be lurking inside of them. All it takes is a second thought and some tissues.

To whom this may concern,

I would like to thank you in advance for sacrificing your time to read this message. As an innocent pedestrian who travels mostly on foot, I have realized that some people have no self-respect and just dispose their inner waste in public. From my perspective, I believe that people should not publicly display whatever excrements are inside of their mysterious body and we should all make ads and promotions encouraging them not to.

First and foremost, disposal of