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My favorite thing about english is vocab because, well its just cool. My favorite type of writing is discriptive writing because it always informs me with just the right amount of detail.My favorite book is Out of the Dust because it might be sad but it has a really good story to tell with a bountiful amount of details.

Color Poem of Red!external image mitsubishi-lancer-evolution-x-race-car-zoom.jpg
Aaron Shuldman
Aaron Shuldman

Red is an apple,
A dark flare,
A satisfied bear,
A rasberry,
A dark berry,external image Red%20Hand%20Flare%201.gif
The feathers of a cardinal,
That flies to a carnival,
A clowns nose,
As red as a rose,
The love in a heart,

So sweet yet tart,
A cherry right from a bottle,
So bright as a red racecar model,
The stripes on a shoe,
The sight so brand new.