My Pet Peeve!
By: Aaron

Remember that person who spit mucus right in front of you? They cough up an amass of mucus then hail it through the air from their mouth to what ever location they desire. That’s just disturbing. If you have to spit or mucus is in your throat then get rid of it privately, not in a public area.

If you respect others and you’re self enough then you’ll make the right decision. We all have to spit once and a while but that doesn’t give you the freedom to spit where ever and when ever you want. Once, when I was walking down the street I saw a man regurgitate mucus then spit it right in front of me. It was just like hearing sludge drop to the ground then pierce my eardrum. The greenish slime oozed onto the curb then sagged down onto another layer of concrete. Disgusting! Another thing to know is that the reason for all of that mucus in a person’s throat is because they swallow it. This can easily be prevented with a tissue where the mucus is actually counseled and not on the ground in front of you.

I believe that something most definitely must be done about spitting in public. Because 1 it’s disgusting, 2 it’s not sanitary at all, and 3 it disturbs others around the person who is spitting. So why shouldn’t something be done about this? There is no reason! To conclude all people should take their actions into consideration, especially with spitting!

Aaron’s Professional Letter!

Dear citizens of Edison,
I thank you for donating your time to read my letter. As a child I constantly see people regurgitate mucus then spit it in a densely populated area, where in most cases the spit lands on a pedestrian. In my perspective spitting mucus in public should be put to an end to increase the manners found in those who do so.
First off, people should not spit mucus in public because it’s disgusting and disruptive. That yellow mucus that oozes down the side walk is not appealing to people at all. When the mucus alerts or should I say disturbs the people around the culprit with its slimy texture it disrupts their visual part of their day as well. Another reason to why it’s disruptive and disgusting is because everyone who witnesses the act of spitting mucus has forever been stained with the picture of phlegm in their mind. Therefore spitting is disruptive and disgusting to onlookers.
Secondly, the spitting of mucus should be put to an end because it is highly unsanitary. Do you believe that the substance of someone’s stomach walls should be on the very ground you walk on? Well I certainly don’t, because who knows what revolting things are in the mucus. Plus, to add on to this, there are a myriad of germs contained inside of mucus. So why someone should get sick due to the carelessness of a person who spit mucus onto the sidewalk? No one should get sick because of a wad of mucus.
Lastly, spitting should be stopped because it will soon evolve into people discarding other things from their bodies. And things will begin to vary from discarding, how you might say boogers in public to who knows what. So should you let your community evolve into a dump fro those who dispose of their waste in public? No, you shouldn’t. With all due respect I think I speak for most children when I say that our environment should be kept clean and not be infested with mucus oozing down the streets.
To conclude spitting mucus in public is extremely inappropriate. This dire situation needs attention in order to accomplish its main goal of preventing people who spit mucus in our community to not do so. So please consider spreading this message to your fellow colleagues and cronies. If this matter is not addressed, all of you will be held accountable for said actions.

Aaron Shuldman