enforcing the law

people say buckle up, dont text or talk while driving and don't speed because it's the law.
the people upholding the law's are the one's breaking them. just read this and it will shock you.my aunt is a sheriff,and she loves her job . mostly because it has it's benfit's. she picked me up from school one day and she was talking on the phone and speeding.

then I looked over and she had no seat belt on while speeding. once she got off the phone, I told her, 'youre a sheriff ' , you're breaking three law's. ''she said, '' what laws are those? Isaid, ''speeding, talking on The phone, and driving with no seat belt.''
I told her, ''your suppose to enforce the laws not break them. I said ''can't you get a ticket? she said ''no I have a shield''. I was mad then three day's ago I was coming from menlo mall and a officer i know. was talking on the phone with no seat belt on. when my mom rolled down the window I said ''your breaking laws. he said sorry and buckled up and closed the phone.

people get tickets becausethey dont enforce laws but officers don't enforce them either. I find that just wrong. To all officers enforce the laws your self before you. Pull some one over and them a ticket.