Dear Students,

On this page, I would like you to experiment with Wikispaces! Try to create your own page to share a little bit about yourself with your classmates! In order to create your own page, click EDIT on the right hand side. Then type your name, highlight it with your cursor, and click the chain link symbol in the editor tool bar. Make your page name your FIRST NAME and LAST INITAL. When done, hit save! Then go to your site and start wiki-ing!

In addition to fun facts about you, answer the following questions using proper English... No on-line language please!

1. What do you like about English class?

2. What is your favorite book and why?

3. What is your favorite type of writing and why?

After answering these questions, go an comment on at least two people's webpages using the discussion tab!

Ms. Spiezio's Page

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Jenns Page xD

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Ms. Eide