ITS ALVIN'S PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!My favorite thing about English is vocab because i think it is a simple thing to do. It also helps me use a more sophisticated language. My favorite book is "The Revenge of the Shadow King" because it is a neat and creative novel which is full of fantasies and creatures. My favorite type of writing is persuasive because I like to argue for my side and this is one of the ways I can do it. LEAVE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please

Color Poem:
A pie,
A power drink,
A melancholy tie,
A color from the bright and gleaming sky,
A relaxing blow of wind.
The feathers on a peacock.
Which brings sadness and a sin.
The color of the ocean,
the color of the sea,
the color of the cookie monster,
to which ever blue you please.
The color of jeans and variety of shirts.
The color of gloominess and hurt.

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