Have you ever ate lunch with a friend, and all they did was play with their food like a three year old boy? We’ve probably all been there. Making volcanoes with mashed potatoes and gravy. Constructing a petite cottage out of waffles. Set up all the appetizing food on your porcelain dish, into he shape of one stupid smiley face. It’s absolutely appalling how someone can touch who knows what all day, then eat the nourishment on a plate.
The way people eat these days is just disturbing. This is not 1621,when we used our hands to eat . They invented silverware for a specific reason. Your hands may have been created to do many things, but they weren’t evolved for designing condos, volcanoes, train tracks, snowmen, etc.
What’s the worst part of it you may question? The section where you have to watch this performance continue.
I had a little encounter with one of these gremlin pigs. *anonymous human making a scene at the park with peas and chicken*
“Pardon me. But if it’s not too much to ask, can you not act so young and stop playing with that food?”
“Um. I can do whatever I want, thank you very much.
“Then excuse me but I cant sit here and watch this.”
“Fine. I’ll stop.”
As long as these immature kids get the fact in their heads, the world may go back to being a proper and organized community……WITH MANNERS.