Amy Dworsky Flower Power

One starry night, in the land of BeautyVille, a lady named Cinderella was on her way to the ball with Eric, prince charming. Her blue glittery satin dress, moving with every bump, gleamed from the light of the stars, she looked like one. She look like an angel flying high in the sky. “Eric , I cannot wait for the ball to begin. We shall dance until the clock strikes 12 “, Cinderella announced. She pulled her mirror out to check her golden blonde hair. PERFECT ! She felt her dress becoming loose. She felt as if she was shrinking right then and there. She noticed that her and her dress were being sucked in through the mirror ! poof !
When Cinderella made it through, she noticed she wasn’t in BeautyVille anymore. She looked down at her aching hands and noticed she was still holding the same mirror. She gently with poise , strutted up to a nearby building. She saw and smelt flowers all around. Dancing in the wind. She came upon a young looking man in a peace sign shirt with leopard skinned pants.
“ Hello my kind man. Can you tell me where I may be ?”
“ Dude , this is Rainbow City. Home of the peace signs. Native of flowers. Lovers of perfume and.. wait. What were talking about?”
“ Whatever do you speak?”
“ Your doo is far out man”
“ Why thank you, but I need be heading home.”
“ Have fun my man, stick it to the man !”
As Cinderella walked to a nearby punch buggy, which looked like a taxi, a young woman stopped and approached her.
“ Well howdy there dude ! Would you like a sniff of this perfume? It’s called Daisy Doop, ” the strange woman blurted. Cinderella noticed the even braids this girl had. The headband with a peace sign , looked as made from a lot of different fabrics. Her clothes , as shaggy as a dog. “ Yo, I could spice up your doo dude, ” she yelled, “I’m Bliss Sunshine. People call me Bliss. ” While they were talking, they went for a stroll and Cinderella noticed milkmen putting milk on people’s porches, and punch buggies riding around. She saw a building that said Green Stamp. She didn’t understand what it was. After having a conversation with Bliss, they took a bicycle ride through the sunflower patch, around the most famous concert ever, Woodstock, and right in front of Daisy’s Doo Shack.
Bliss walked in and introduced the two. “First thing is first. You need a nickname,” announced Bliss.
“How about Rainbow, ” Daisy suggested.
“No, too cheesy. How about Autumn? ”
“Nah . Too many leaves. Rain? ”
“ Perfect ! ”
So Cinderella’s new name was Rain. As they were stomping through the store, Daisy saw this perfect tie-dye shirt for Rain. It was just her size ! They found shaggy blue pants with patterns and pictures. Leather was streaming off of it. They found a vest with shags , that matched her pants. Rain went to go change . When finished, she strutted her outfit around the store like she was in a fashion show. They all headed to the secret hair salon. “This is going to be hard dude, ” Daisy complained.
It took many long hours but Daisy finished Rain’s hair. Many different products were in it, but her hair looked great ! It was a bleach blonde afro with different colored highlights. The rainbow hippie band made it perfect. Bliss took off her peace sign necklace and put it around Rain’s soft skinned neck . While Rain and Bliss were heading out, Daisy stopped them “ Excuse me but Rain is not walking out of my store with glass slippers. No no child .” So Rain searched and searched until she found the perfect shoes. Black leather clogs, stitched with wolf fur, and red peace signs on the top. Perfect ! Now Rain was ready !

i will finish writing the end later