Catastrophic Holocaust
Max hunched over, curling in her library chair, eyes glued to her fourth book. “Excuse me.” Her head whipped up in sudden surprise in response to the deep, unfamiliar voice. It was a man dressed in a tan colored uniform, his wide belly bulging out with a thick belt matching his round, chubby face. “We’re closing in a minute now. If you’re not borrowing that book, then I suggest you come back tomorrow.”
Max blinked and gently picked up her historical non-fiction book, slowly walked back over to its original shelf, and carefully slipped it back to the spot she had found it in. Walking out past the round-bellied security guard, Max opened her mouth out wide and yawned… The noise that slipped out was a yawn of tiredness for reading books for non-stop hours!
Finally, Max reached home and immediately plopped herself onto her creaky, plebeian bed as she sighed. “I can’t believe the Holocaust really happened,” she whispered silently to herself. She slowly closed her eyes and thought about the frightening time period, dizzy and tired from reading for so long.
All of a sudden, smoke of all colors; red, blue, yellow, green, purple; flung into the air, flaring up and curling its fingers all around the room and around Max. She briskly stood up on her bed, attempting to jump through the unusual smoke “to the Max” but failed.
“OOF!” went Max, flying at the walls of colorful, bright gas, unable to break through. “Wha…?” Neck snapping down in alert, a swirl of blackness began to form rapidly beneath her, consuming her own room right before her very eyes. Max felt like she wanted to jump and fly right up, breaking through the ceiling, but the black hole was far too strong for even a superhero to run away from.
Gasping for life, Max held her arm up high in the air as if she were drowning- dying- in a vicious whirlpool. Even before she had a chance to say one last word, Max was gone.
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“Is she going to be alright?” A soothing voice of a young girl spoke silently, talking to another person- not Max.
Ugh…” Max mumbled, a strange, striking pain piercing the side of her head.
SHE’S AWAKE!” An awkward boy screamed, stinging Max’s ears and making her recall an old horror movie about a monster that she had watched on T.V.
Max shielded her eyes as she squinted and blinked rapidly, avoiding as much sudden light as possible. Surrounding her were 4 people; a young boy around the age of 11, his face right in front of hers, his bony face filled with interest as if he just got a present from Santa. There was also a teenage girl who looked like she was around 16, give or take. Then there were 2 adults who just looked like a usual couple.
There was an unusual catch to it though… and it was their clothes. The family’s clothes were in such poor material as if they belonged to a homeless family out on the streets in the middle of nowhere. Max also suddenly realized that somehow her own clothes were the same!
“WHO ARE YOU?!” Max would have jolted up and ran away as fast as lightning, but she felt too weak in the head.
SHE JUST TALKED!!!” The immature acting kid stepped back and jumped behind his older sister as if Max were a tiger about to rip him to shreds. The mother then placed a damp, cool wet cloth on Max’s forehead as if she was taking care of a daughter of her own.
“Please, don’t be frightened. We saw you at early morning, our in front of our house, collapsed on the front steps.” Max winced at the sound of the last words of that sentence. “We decided to take care of you until you felt better. Please wait until you are healthy enough to leave and go back home.” The woman’s voice was as soothing as her daughter’s and Max just couldn’t bear refusing to such a caring voice.
“Marie, can I talk to you for a bit?” It was the husband calling the woman, his deep brown suspenders hanging loosely around his filthy ‘white’ shirt. The ends of his mouth were turned down and his face was stamped “FRIGHTENED” all over.
Whispering at the corner of the room, Max overheard words every once in a while- words that were not very amusing at all. “Arrested... neighbors… caught… family… hiding…” and the last word that was articulated very clearly hit her smack dab in the face.
Max froze. Her heart thumped heavily against her chest, running, kicking its feet against her ribs, crying to escape.
“Nazis…” Max whispered, her eyes staring blankly ahead at the old, dusty ceiling. “The Holocaust.”
Max’s legs jerked out of their resting position, stomping against the noisy wooden floor. Slowly, Max pushed herself up, noticing that she didn’t feel much pain at all anymore. She then purposely cleared her throat very loudly, causing the husband and wife to whip around and face her. “Excuse me…” Max slowly started to ask. “... Are we in the 1940’s right now?”
The skinny stickman’s fuzzy eyebrows rose in concern at Max’s awkward question. He then turned to face his wife, who just replied in a shrug. “Yes. Yes, in fact, we are in-“
Max looked out in horror as the front door was violently being pounded at from the outside. “OPEN UP!” The door suddenly burst open with a BAM and uniformed, armed men came scrambling everywhere, tossing household items and slamming doors wide open. Max yelled out in terror as a man with ruffled, light brown hair and wide eyes filled with a mix of anger and determination snatched Max forcefully by the arm, towing her away while screaming words that she did not understand, spitting brusquely at her face as he hollered at her. Struggling to break free, Max tore her arm right out of the man’s grasp and threw her fist straight towards his chest.
Dread flooded Max’s face as the man’s own face grew red in rage and did not look injured in any way possible. The Nazi’s own fist flew towards Max and she felt a striking pain pound her head. She felt fresh liquid stream down her face as she saw spots of red dripping down, staining her dull colored dress.
Max felt completely powerless as she was then dragged away by the Nazi, along towards a boxcar with another family of four emerging from the same house… but it was not the family that had taken care of her. Max was then thrown inside the boxcar with numerous amounts of eyes following her. Max was forced to stay at a side, squished in between others, scared that she might just suffocate to death like they had talked about in books. The truck left after four BANGs outside- the unpleasant sound of startling triggers being pulled filled the air, releasing little remnants of death behind.

Days passed interminably as people grew ill, coughed, suffocated, died. Max was speechless and did not want to believe what was happening to her, to others, to everyone, right in front of her very own eyes.
The boxcar finally came to a stop after this long time...
As the wooden doors flew open, everyone gasped for air as Nazi soldiers rudely screamed at them to hurry up and quickly climb out. Bodies that contained no life were stacked on top of each other in a clumsy pile that held the stench of death. There was even a tiny girl with an enchanted pink, doll-like dress who was thrown to the messy stack. The stack grew higher and higher, and death soon filled the air, leaving the permanent mark of death…

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“My name is Edna. Edna Stavinsky!” It was an amazing sight that this girl could even smile at the moment of horror and death. “What’s yours?” Edna’s gigantic smile revealed dark, filthy teeth covered in yellow and brown spots. Max shuddered and forced herself to shake out of the blank state of awkwardness.
“Maximum Ride. Call me Max, though.” The unusually happy girl burst out laughing like a demented hyena, her face and cheeks changing red. “Some name,” Max muttered under her breath, rolling her eyes at the frivolous laughter.
Edna opened her mouth to speak, but a shrieking whistle interrupted her. “Supper,” she informed.
After walking through grimy halls, Max and Edna sat down at a seat with a plate of disgust set in front of each them. The disturbing plates consisted of a slimy, bumpy brown substance, the top of the mound seeping down the edges of the plates, prepared next to green (almost brown) beans settled in a murky liquid. Max felt like she would rather eat nothing… but ended up being forced to swallow every little bit of it.
I FEEL LIKE KILLING A JEW TODAY.” The woman commander of the all-female concentration camp was nearly screaming in Max’s ears. Max swiftly flipped around, the quick, sharp whizz of reeking air whipped past her face. The bewildered girl nearly tumbled off her chair when the huge, hideous woman quickly snatched Max’s arm and held it in her face. “Well, what have we got here?! J1290034.” An evil smirk slowly grew on the male-looking female as she spit on Max’s arm in hunger for death. “J for Jew.” Max stared unconsciously, her face running pale along with foul smelling sweat dripping down her nose in misery.
“I’m… not a Jew.” Her tiny speech drained away as she spoke with all eyes on her.
“Sorry, but I didn’t quite catch that.” She spoke with sarcasm, her eyes fiery and ready to jump on prey, killing it slowly to make it suffer with agony…
“But I just got here!” Max made a bold, fearless statement but felt powerless once again, cringing in fear as the man-woman approached and came closer to her face. She looked even manlier up close.
“Well, that’s too bad.” With her last hissing words, the grin of the devil flew across her face as Max squeezed her eyes shut in despair before she pulled the trigger.


Max shot straight up and sweat glands rapidly rushed down her face and neck as she screamed her lungs out. Breathing heavily, Max urgently searched around. ‘My bed,’ she thought, ‘My room.’
Blood rushed to her cheeks in embarrassment to her screaming. Max suddenly bolted up and sprinted to the library, the fresh, enduring wind rushing against her face.
“Oh!” Max had accidentally bumped into someone on her way to the library.
“I’m so sorry!” It was a girl about Max’s height, her face filled with guilt as if she had just committed a crime. Her long, pointy nose stuck out and her rosy-cheeked face caused Max to think of her as a human-sized doll with speakers and bonus emotions along with it.
“No, it’s not your fault! I’m sorry, I’m just in a rush to-” Max stopped in the middle of her explanation and suddenly stared in an eye-wide, mouth-dropping position, astonished at the view in front of her.
“It’s okay.” She stuck her hand out and grinned brightly at Max, light rays shining, bouncing off her perfect white teeth. “I’m Edna.”
“Max.” She reached out and shook her hand gleefully, leaving with a “Nice meeting you,” and “Bye”. Finally running once again, she continued to shake her head in amazement as she rushed to the library… Edna,’ she thought, ‘Same name. Same face.’ Max chuckled under her heavy breathing and the pounding of her sneakers smacking the ground at each step. ‘Edna Stavinsky.’
As soon as Max reached the inside of the library, she dashed straight towards the non-fiction section in clumsy footing, desperately searching for the non-fiction book she was reading the night before. “Holocaust, Holocaust…” Max murmured silently to herself, scanning the plentiful shelves of a myriad of books. “Here! “Holocaust Disaster”!”
Searching for the part that left her hanging without enough information, Max came to a part that finally made her proudly announce, “‘Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945’…!” Max screamed and cheered, dancing around in her mind with an outside face that was perfectly calm.
Max poured over the book, enhancing the facts, concentrating on every single word printed and published in the informational book. She abruptly paused at a sentence that stunned her, hauling thoughts and questions at her mind. The girl, fresh knowledge about the Holocaust, read aloud in disbelief, “‘Edna Stavinsky was one of the many survivors who explained to others in vivid detail how cruel life was like back in the concentration camp and how she survived.’” This sentence was written as a label under a black-and-white photo of Edna Stavinsky on the day the concentration camp was liberated, freeing everyone remaining in the camp, her bright eyes shining, exactly as in her dream.
“What a coincidence… The same name…” A quiet smile slipped into Max’s serious face. “… and the same face. Edna Stavinsky, the girl who was in my dream and the girl who I bumped into today, survived the Holocaust. What a relief- even though I barely got to know her- and everything that happened was such a “coincidence.”” Max sighed in wonder and rolled her eyes at her final thoughts.