Haven’t students been taught their classroom manners?

Back in my previous, elementary grades, teachers would inform us that we were not supposed to act these certain ways because it’s just plain out rude. They would especially tell us this when someone would do it at the moment, right then and there. Well, what about now?

Very often this school year, someone would talk back to a teacher, make inappropriate comments, or even just fly up from their seat and flap their hands frantically in the air, screaming “OOOH! OOOH!” while the person sitting right next to them is patiently raising their hand, waiting to be called on.

Nearly every day, these things commonly happen in classrooms all around numerous schools. When someone would talk back or bring up rude comments, some students would laugh as if it were a hilarious act, while I would roll my eyes in such a disgrace at the rude student- AND the teacher if they wouldn’t do anything about it. All this does is encourage the students that they could act this way too, and this also brings crude humor into the classroom that ends up not being funny at all.

I remember when we were little children and were all behaved in a pleasant classroom- no rudeness intended and no major class annoyance… Now look at how dramatic this change leaped.

Additional to this rudeness nearly every day, there is such another rude, annoying act which I have already mentioned. Well yes, calling out may be rude, but even further more- How would you like it if someone right next to you would scream “OOOH! OOOH!” a million times, jump up from their chair, and lean against the table, their wild hand nearly smacking your innocent face as they’re in your own personal space?! Unfortunately, I had to literally scoot back a foot or so with my classmate on my side of the table. “Nice”, huh?

And even “nicer”- the teacher decides to call on them to answer the question.

How much ruder can a class get with all this ill-mannered commotion? Teachers have to allow these students to identify right and wrong on their actions no matter what, even when they are focused on teaching their usual subjects at the moment. If people just let these students go on like this, it will just encourage them even more to continue acting like this. Everyone should figure that these actions are rude- but this does apply to everyone, not just students. In other words, others have their own way of acting boorish and impolite, and this just needs to STOP.

We need to clean out discourtesy from peoples’ lives. It will help us form a better world to live in… Please- watch your words and watch your actions.

It will make the world a better place.