Ms. Spiezio's Web Tips Just for You!

Web Tip #2: After posting something a comment on someone's page, see if someone responds to you simply by clicking "Monitor this Topic"! From that point forward, you will receive e-mails any time anyone responds to your comment!

Lesson One: Evaluating Websites

If you've ever searched on Google, you know first hand that doing research is not as easy as it sounds. When searching "World War Two", I got about 119, 000, 000 hits in 0.26 seconds. With all those websites how will I ever know which has good information!

Use the information reviewed in our power point from class today to evaluate these websites! Do you think they are reliable?
Post your findings on the discussion tab! Tell me if the website is credible and what makes you say that!

Who! What! When! Where! Why!

Site 1

Site 2
Site 3
Site 4

Site 5
Site 6

Site 7
Site 8
Site 9
Site 10